Underwater Life Of Maldives

Maldives is known to have settings and features that are truly splendid. Maldives’ main feature of attraction is its distinguishing marine setting and the astonishing elements that are an indispensable part of its underwater life. The major reason for the flourish of such a huge variety of beautiful species under the Maldivian water-surface is the existence of the perfect conditions for development of coral reefs. These numerous species of corals provides an arrantly perfect habitat for a huge number of underwater creatures. This is one of the main reasons for the abundance of underwater creatures found in the water-bodies of Maldives. The excuisite underwater life, as a result, witnesses huge tourists’ influx to Maldives to get the elegant marine experience.

To start off with, corals would be the best thing to initiate the discussion on any topic related to the marine life of Maldives. Both low and high growing corals are found in the water bodies of the Indian Ocean, surrounding Maldives. These together make the scenery beneath the surface of the ocean water purely exotic and splendid.
The most common and popular types of corals found here are: mushroom, the brain, the staghorn, the star corals, etc. They have been named on the basis of their growth shapes. These beautiful corals apparently form a consummate place for the sea creatures to live in.

If you desire to see the ambit of beauty, of which even sharks are an integral part, then Maldivian waters take you to the horizons. You can find numerous species of sharks and, apart from being astonishingly beautiful, the species found here are truly rare.

Some species of sharks found here are:
grey reef shark, silvertip shark, nurse shark, white-tip shark, black-tip shark, etc.

Moreover, in Maldives, you don’t have to worry about the risk of being in the same water with the sharks or being surrounded by them. The ones in the Maldivian waters don’t attack the humans as they, generally, may in other places! We, however, do not advice you to mess with them, unnecessarily! Avoid creating a fuss; sharks always have the inherent tendency to devour.

The other forms of sea creatures in Maldives are also some of the rarest and belong to unique species. The turtles found here are among the most attractive species; the most common being the hawksbill turtle. In addition to them, there are numerous varieties of eels and rays as well. The manta ray and the eagle ray are the most commonly found rays in Maldives. Other types of underwater creatures in Maldives involve the likes of squids, crabs, prawns, octopus, etc. belonging to various species.

The immeasurable species of fishes found here add to the bliss of Maldivian waters. The water currents in the Indian Ocean are highly responsible for their accumulation in the Maldivian location. More than 700 species of fish can be seen in the crystal clear waters of Maldives. The main species found here are tuna, dogtooth tuna, jacks, butterfly fish, angelfish, clown fish, long nose hawkfish, triggerfish, etc. The list would just go on without a break; such vast and rare is the marine life of Maldives.

No matter who you are- a professional diver or a normal tourist- one of the main reasons of going to Maldives shall be to experience the glorious world of sea creatures and underwater life in the water, and you are sure to get stormed by the variety. Get your head under the water and peep into the magnificient underwater life.

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